Facility & Care

At Wild Bay Farm we pride ourselves on providing individualized care for each horse according to their needs. Healthy horses are happier, stronger and better athletes.



At our brand new state of the art 12 stall facility you can rest assured that your horse will receive the best care. Each stall is 12x12 with a large 12x16 run that is always open. There is a heated and air conditioned tack room, full bathroom, wash stalls with heater and a grooming stall. We have a variety of turn out options available to meet your horse's needs alone or with a small group. Horses are fed four times a day and stalls cleaned twice daily.

We have an 80 x 200 foot fenced outdoor riding arena, a 60 foot round pen with premium carpet fiber footing and riding trails that are being continually expanded. Sarah believes in a lot of cross training for horses, so there are plenty of poles, cavaletti and jumps. Our back field will soon have a few cross country jumps and natural obstacles. We have hills galore for hill work!

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personalized nutrition

All horses are fed free choice grass hay plus alfalfa as needed. Horses are fed and checked on a minimum of four times per day, morning, lunch, dinner and night check. 

Sarah has become particularly passionate about equine nutrition after going through many struggles with her mare, Prada. She has worked hard over the years to transform her from a "problem horse" to a successful, strong and healthy athlete! She can talk to you about how to optimize your horses health and performance through making adjustments to their diet. In complicated cases, she works closely with equine nutritionist Dr. Juliet Getty to help you find the right solution for your horse.