Wild Bay Farm


Happy Clients


I have been riding my whole life and with various professionals and Sarah is truly great. Her way with horses, enjoyable personality and ability to convey her knowledge to both horse and rider is a true gift!

— liz bronstein

Sarah is hands down the best horsewoman I’ve ever trained with. Her extensive experience shines through from how she handles and cares for horses to her teaching and training. I have a very fresh 18hh Dutch gelding that has been a challenge for 7 years. I worked with Sarah for 6 months and his body and mind began to change, as well as my overall confidence. Now, even though I live 8 hours away from Wild Bay, I make it a point to come take lessons at least quarterly. When I come back home, my trainer always remarks at the progress I’ve made in such a short time. I am a harsh critic of barns and trainers... but Sarah and her facility meet and exceed everything I look for. In addition to top level care and coaching, her students also benefit from her laid back and fun barn atmosphere, friendly riding students, and lovely family. She ALMOST makes me want to move from the beach back to the DC area!

— REbecca Morrison 


Fellow Horse Professionals

As an equine bodyworker, I travel around and see many different barns in the area. I always look forward to Sarah's farm! When you walk into this training barn you can feel how all of the horses are very happy, and at ease. 

Her wholistic, heart felt approach addresses each individual horse, tuning into what each of their specific training needs will be. From her incredible nutritional understanding to her ability to tune into and connect to each horse, makes Sarah Fulton-Smith a first class, true horse woman and trainer! I highly recommend Wild Bay Farm!

Lisa esposito faraone,

Equine body in balance

I have owned horses for 35 years and managed my own small stable for 26 years in Colorado. Learning how to improve my riding skill and my knowledge and ability to care for horses has been a life-long goal. I can give no higher praise to another horseman than to say that I would trust them implicitly to make the best decisions for training, horse-care and veterinary care of my horses and those of my boarders if I were unable to. Sarah Fulton-Smith is such a person. She is an excellent rider, an outstanding instructor, and as knowledgeable about veterinary care as any non-veterinarian I have known. Her depth and breadth of equine knowledge continually amazed me. If I moved to the DC area, I would consider it a privilege to board my horses at her new stable and have them under her training and supervision.

— Linda Mowrer, Stable owner